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Lotus laboratories corporate mission is to launch innovative and disruptive new products into the personal care FMCG market.

For Her & For Him

gender toothpaste

Lotus Laboratories has developed a new range of toothpastes. This product range will be led by Pure Pearl toothpastes for women (Pure Pearl For Her) and men (Pure Pearl For Him). Pure Pearl oral care will initially involve the launch of a range of total care plus whitening toothpastes with Aloe Vera, vitamin C or Q10 add-ons.

FOR HER: The pure sparkling flavour is a declaration of love, a perfect illustration of ultra-womanliness, giving a radiant aura when you wear your smile. The Total Care plus Whitening unique formula with pink "pearls" is designed to gently, yet effectively remove and prevent build-up of stains, restoring teeth to their natural radiant splendour.

FOR HIM: It brings a spark of dynamism, the joy of an intense feeling and the highlighting of men's smiles. Visually strengthened by blue "icy stars" of Pure Pearl, the secret lies in the perfection of its effective total care formulation and ice blast fresh breath effect. Frosty and clean, blues and whites, the notes of Pure Pearl leave a strong masculine print.

Flip-top cap with Floss

Exciting tube with floss cap

Pure Pearl Flip-top cap with Floss is a revolutionary concept combining toothpaste and dental floss in a single package. The floss is conveniently embedded into the cap of a toothpaste tube. Consumers are set to benefit greatly from the merging of dental floss and toothpaste in to one package as they will no longer have to buy the items separately. Additionally, the packaging is designed in such a way that flossing becomes easier while handling the tube in one hand.

The floss reel is located in the bottom side of the cap, held in place by the tube. Floss is guided up a slit moulded into the side of the cap and spans across the groove to easily pick up the floss.

INNOVO toothbrush

Just like magic!

Over the last decade, developments in the oral care market have been scarce, with the exception of electric toothbrushes. We are set to change this trend with the Innovo toothbrush which will streamline the tooth brushing process with its superior functionality. INNOVO stores toothpaste in the form of "pearls" in its handle and dispenses a bead of toothpaste under the bristles when a button on the brush is pushed. The water activates a reaction to produce foam-like toothpaste.

Innovo will come in two forms - general and electric. The "pearl" beads will be available as refills with packs of beads in different colours and flavours.

Our Partnerships


    Halal Australia partners will enjoy access to a leading and professional team of Halal consultants committed to delivering outstanding Halal compliant products and services at competitive rates. Halal Australia understands and appreciates the business model of each individual client to cater for a tailor made product suitable to its unique needs. For Halal Australia, preserving the integrity of the concept of Halal is paramount. Halal Australia commitment to this value has earned us a reputation in the domestic and international markets of being one of the most experienced and trusted accreditation companies.


    Two decades of children's laughter. Since being formed as an Australian children's charity in 1988, the Starlight Children's Foundation has brightened the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, and their families, throughout Australia.


    The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Since the National Breast Cancer Foundation was established in 1994, $97 million has been awarded to fund over 340 Australian-based research projects across every state and territory to improve the health and wellbeing of those affected by breast cancer.

Our Mission

Lotus Laboratories' corporate mission is to launch innovative new products into the oral and body care markets. Some of its products have a short development life cycle and are aimed at responding to changes in consumers' tastes and marketing to new niches. Yet at its heart, the Company is aimed to developing revolutionary new products that have potential to be first entrants into new markets.

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